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You can also access the weekly church bulletin, monthly calendar and newsletter from the home page to keep better informed as to what's happening at the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our Speaker this Sabbath, September 2, 2017
Elder Richard Carrigan will be presenting the message on how the most important time of the day is when we shut ourselves in alone with God and pour out our hearts to the One who cares.

Fellowship Meal
There will be no Fellowship Meal this coming Sabbath, September 2.  Please invite someone home for lunch!

Prayer Group

All are invited to join a prayer group each Sabbath immediately following the main service which will meet in Prayer Room #213 to specifically pray for the church in these end times. The time together will take no more than 10-15 minutes in order to give everyone plenty of time to meet their other commitments.  
Bible Studies with Victor De La Vega
Victor's Chronological Study of the Gospels meeting on Wednesday is going to be meeting at a new time:  4:00 PM instead of 2:00 PM.

Victor's Thursday Bible Study Group will be changing their focus to the book of Revelation. The meetings will be held in the Youth Chapel at 5:00 PM.

Small Group Bible Study
All are welcome to join Dorothy Erwin as she continues Chuck Austin's Bible Study Group each Tuesday at 4:00 PM in the Youth Chapel.  The current study is on Hebrews.

Church Pictorial Directory

Mark your calendars for Dec. 10 – 14, which is when LifeTouch will be coming to our church to take pictures for the Church Directory.

School News
The new school year has started, and even if you don't have children attending the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist School, you can still help in the following ways:  1) Pray for our school, students and staff   2) Clip and save  the “Box Tops for Education” off select products  3)  Connect your Fred Meyer Rewards card to the school at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards  4)  Save your bottles and cans that have Oregon redemption value and bring them to the school, or pick up a Bottle Drop Bag from the school to take to any Bottle Drop location.  Please contact the school office for more information: 541-479-2293.

Women’s Study Group
The Women’s Study Group is reading the book The Dangers of Contemplative Prayer by Howard Peth each Tuesday at 5:00 PM in the Multipurpose Room.  Please purchase a copy of the book and join our study for a lively discussion and blessed fellowship.  If you have any questions please contact Donna Griffith at 541-597-2055.

ABC Sales Flyers
Please visit the Adventist Book Center website: abcflyer.com to submit your request to receive the ABC sale flyers via email. If you should need assistance, please call them at 503-850-3300. A variety of new books are now available.  For all the details, download the sale flyer at www.abcflyer.com

Volunteers Needed at Dorcas Community Service Ministry
Many in the community of Grants Pass are blessed with food and clothing that are distributed from our center. Volunteers are needed to serve in the operation of various stations. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give of your time.  Please call Larry Sample at 541-660-9088 to see where you can work in His service.

Dorcas Needs
Dorcas is in need of the following items. Women’s Department: socks, small and medium underwear, gloves, sweatpants, thermals, knit scarves & hats. Men’s Department is in urgent need of socks, sweats, undershirts, thermals, jeans, gloves. Children’s Department: girls & boys socks and coats.  Please bring your contributions to the church office during regular business hours, or bring to Dorcas on Tuesdays.  Thank you for your help!

Spanish Worship Service
Every Sabbath, many of our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters gather together with invited friends to have an entire worship service in Spanish. These services are held downstairs in our Youth Chapel. Please get the word out and keep our Spanish group in your prayers!

A Special Remembrance 
Thinking about donating church flowers in memory of a loved one? You will now have the opportunity to submit a favorite photo of that person, or persons, including the dates of birth and passing. This will be projected on the screen Sabbath morning along with the other announcements. If you are interested, you may send information or contact our Grief Ministry leaders, Ted and Jeanne Powell at griefministrysda@gmail.com

School Store
The school veggie store is open on Tuesdays from 12:00 noon to 4:00 PM and on Thursdays from 3:00 – 6:00 PM. Proceeds from sales at the store benefit our school and our students.  

Church Communications Online
We provide email communications for all who would like to be added to a group list. You can receive the weekly bulletin, church announcements, monthly Newsletter or be added to our Prayer Chain by sending your email and request to office@gpsdachurch.com. You may select any specific communications or all four.

Free Books
Our Church Library has a selection of “free” books to give away. The books will be available after the Worship Hour today, or you may contact Andie at 541-295-1347. For those who have checked out items, please remember to renew or return them.

Mid-Week Prayer Meeting
Experience the power of prayer as a community of faith! Join us every Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the Youth Chapel. We look forward to seeing you this week! 

Stay Connected
If you are interested in receiving the weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter via email, or joining our church email prayer team, please contact Kii at office@gpsdachurch.com to sign up. 

A Focus on Stewardship
God enables us to give when we have nothing to give. What an awesome God!  Counsels on Stewardship, pg 120 puts it this way, “Some are willing to give according to what they have... They have no income that they can spare from the necessities of their families.  But there are many of this class who might ask themselves the question, ‘Am I giving according to what I might have had?’”

The Prayer Chain
To either be included in the email prayer chain, or to request a need to be prayed about, please either call the church office at 541-476-6313 or email office@gpsdachurch.com. If asking for prayer on behalf of someone else, please make sure the person has authorized his/her name being made public. 

Wildwood Lifestyle Programs
The Wildwood Lifestyle Programs are designed to help you reverse lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, stress and depression.  It will also help you shed pounds, increase your energy, boost your immune system and fight cancer. To invest in your health call 1-800-634-9355, or visit www.wildwoodhealth.com

Opportunity for Mission Work
Wildwood Lifestyle Center is looking for missionary minded physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants who have a passion for lifestyle medicine. Medical practitioners need to have a valid USA license. Stipend provided. If you sense the Lord may be calling you to come and help us full-time or part-time please contact Vaughan on 423-774-0534 or president@wildwoodhealth.org.

NPUC Gleaner Online
Sign up for the FREE GleanerNOW e-newsletter at www.gleaneronline.org
, or become a Facebook friend of “NPUC Gleaner.”

Signs of the Times
Signs of the Times® invites readers to live as Christians in modern North American society. Within its 64 pages, each month readers will find news, tips, and articles on how to live a healthy Christian lifestyle. This fourcolor magazine emphasizes Christ’s Second Advent and the prophecies and “signs” that indicate the nearness of this event. If you would like to receive this magazine monthly, you can subscribe online at Adventist Book Center. Or you may call 800-545-2449 to subscribe.

Live Streaming
If you have a special church event that you would like live streamed, please contact Gary McGinnis at 541-324-0259.

“LIKE” us on Facebook!
We have a church page on Facebook ("Grants Pass Adventist") to keep you informed about upcoming events and for you to share with others in our community! 

Do You Have a Child Serving in the Military?
Any members who have a child or grandchild serving our country in the military are asked to submit that name to the Church Office. We have members who wish to keep in contact with them.

DO YOU HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT you would like to post on this page? Please e-mail to Office@gpsdachurch.com with "web info" in the subject line and we will post it as space allows.